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With more people spending time at home entertaining friends and family, we can’t think of anything better than socializing, playing games, sharing good food and enjoying great wine from Wine By You. The wine you make, which takes just two visits, is far less expensive than store bought wine without sacrificing taste or quality. Start your very own wine cellar reserve or create the perfect wedding wine.

Whatever your taste, you can make sensational wines to call your own with the help of Douglas, Patricia, Marcy and Lori, winemaking specialists at Wine By You, now in their 16th year.

Choose from many different wine selections with numerous varieties of red, white and blush wines, fruit wines, port, sherry and specialty wines. We offer a selection of 100% grape juices from the best growing regions from around the world. We proudly represent products from Winexpert, one of the world’s largest and most respected manufacturers of premium wine kits.

It takes you just a few minutes to mix the yeast, juice and other ingredients that make 23 litres of great wine. The Wine By You staff will monitor and tend to your wine for 4 - 8 weeks until the fermentation cycle is complete. On your second visit, you will come back to Wine By You (for about 20-30 minutes) to bottle and cork your wine using the latest in easy-to-use equipment including an automatic bottle washer. Plus, you can choose from a large selection of custom wine labels and shrink caps to make your finished wine look as great as it tastes. All of our wine comes with a 100% guarantee.

Call or visit the experts at Wine By You today to discover how enjoyable, easy and affordable it is to make great wine that you will be proud to call your own. Gift certificates available.

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